Travel as a Service

Travel-as-a-Service, or TaaS, is an emerging technology which reconfigures the travel value chain and allows disintermediation by offering bundled Plug-and-Play White Label Solutions.

TaaS companies are disrupting the travel ecosystem and becoming the ultimate travel technology platforms. Entities that want to offer travel, either as a principal offering or value-added service, can jumpstart their journeys by opting for TaaS.With a business model similar to Embedded Finance, TaaS can also be called Embedded Travel. Most entities primarily consider finance when they look to expand their boutique of services, which has transformed Embedded Finance into a hotbed for innovation and is now developing into an integral element of business models across industries. An increased inclination of businesses to transform into Super Apps has also been witnessed, and Embedded Finance is the first step to achieving that coveted feat. With corporate trips growing and customers travelling to make up for lost time during covid, travel is a very lucrative offering.

Furthermore, current trends point to a bright future. Thus, TaaS too will play an integral role in the rise of apps which offer multiple services under one umbrella, and will be a crucial offering to draw in and retain customers.Check out the TaaS report, created by The Digital Fifth and FastCollab, to know more about this emerging segment.

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